Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Free Life: How Come I Feel Like I'm Under Room Arrest?

So this is how it feels to be a first year undergrad around exam time.
I don't remember the last time I had a concept of time, be it the hours in a day, the days of the week or the time of year. People keep telling me that Christmas is quickly approaching but all I can focus on is studying, studying, studying and trying to keep my sanity. This weekend I deserted my 11 day role of going to Bikram Yoga everyday (hot yoga for those of you who aren't aware) because I just got too swept up. Yesterday was because I lost track of what day of the week it was and missed my class (my calandar only reads 'x' number of days until exams) and today I was swamped with studying because I stayed up too late last night (3:00) chatting it up with CL so I couldn't get my ass out of bed before 10:00 to be productive.
Here's what I ate today to give you an example of what mass studying does to you. Because breaking for food is often a 1 1/2 hour commitment (due to awesome conversation and friends coming and going) it is best to avoid the caf if you want to get any work done. So today I did just that. (Oh, and I have like, 14 food points left to last me until Wednesday, so I can't really afford to eat :P). I started the morning off with a healthy breakfast of oatmeal in my coffee cup cooked by hot water from my kettle. Then for lunch I proceeded to eat a bag of popcorn over the course of studying this afternoon, munched on some raisins and balanced my diet with some snow peas. I only faced the elements (the wind and snow here is wonderfully blusterous) with Andrew to get a piece of pizza around 6 (this was a great way to polish off a super healthy week of just eating kapha balancing foods.)
So you may be wondering why the hell I'm giving you details about my diet, but it's just another example of how HANOUS everything has become during exam time. Oh, and half of the reason I decided to start a blog on a night looming before an exam is because of a cup of coffee (half of which I poured on my carpet, good on me.) Caffeine just jacks me now that I've been without for a good three to four weeks! Wonderful.
Anyway, the wind is blowing super hard against my window sending shivers through my bones! Woohoo! Oh and I love how everyone on the coast flips a lid that there is 2 inches of snow and the Times is telling everyone DON'T DRIVE! Haha, in Kamloops last year I would have liked to see them drive in the white out to pick Larissa up from badminton, yeah there were no visible lines on the road, you couldn't see infront of you and you're brakes didn't really work but hell I survived. In fact, I still feel a sense of accomplishment, hence why I am sharing this.
Last night was pretty epic though! When there was enough snow covering the ground Andrew and I went outside to frolic and sure enough sooooo many other kids were outside too. Andrew said, "I haven't seen this many kids outside the caf since September!" It was pretty sweet. The concrete jungle turned into a ruthless snowball slinging battleground, all around Ring snowballs were flying and everyone was kicking up the white stuff, laughing, falling on their asses and having the time of their lives at around 11:00 pm. I even heard that a lot of kids were sliding down Sinclair on caf trays as toboggans. Haha, I wish I saw it! Instead, Pierre, Andrew and I took a stroll across the Quad to MacLaurin and everything was so still and beautiful. Everyone out was awestruck!
Well this concludes the single most boring first blog entry EVER. I talked about what I ate, how I've lost track of all time and then, (the cincher) the fucking weather.
Well, at least that sets low expectation for the future!

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