Monday, December 15, 2008

ninety minutes of sweating each day for this...

Don't you just love those days when you wake up and you just know that you are going to have a pretty spectacular day? Well, ever since I've moved my bed under my window when I wake up I slowly yank the curtain back to observe how the day looks and unlike the dreary, greyness that has been plaguing our days, the sun was brightly shining (not to fool anyone that it was warm outside.) I nearly leaped into the shower and was like, oh, yeah, today's exam day. I didn't stress about my exam at all today because I knew I'd do about as good as I would ever do.

Today also marks the last day of my 2-week yoga trial at Saanich Bikram. I went with Tanya and had my best class yet! I bought the 3 month unlimited membership for next year and thought that I best make an entry to remind myself as to how yoga has transformed my life so I actually use my membership in '09. Now, just to note, I have been practicing yoga privately for the past year (thanks to Michaela and Becca showing it to me at STELLAR last year) so it's not like I just started all together. However, Bikram has made me feel the best since, well, ever.

Firstly, I must take a second to acknowledge that this is the first exam period that I didn't get sick during. I mean, usually I get really sick when I get so stressed and busy (even when I was in grade 9 this must have started) but this time around I felt way different, way better. I actually had a piece of mind to tackle studying with out getting way too tangled up with all the things I have to do that I don't start because I don't know where to begin. I learned how it affects my studying habits by how I felt studying this past weekend (when I didn't go) and the rest of the week when I did. I was far more concentrated and motivated on days that I did go and the 2 hour break from my day only enhanced my performance.

Also, in addition to a more calm, centered, self-assured mentality, my body feels has so much more energy and I can't explain how great a good camel or bow pose truly does feel! The flexibility is great but after attending 12 classes in those 14 days I feel noticeably stronger, more energetic and my posture is better. Not to mention, sweating for that long has done wonders for skin. It is so soft and I feel rejuvenated every single day!

Sleeping. As Jenelle will attest, I hardly need sleep to function which has led me to cutting it down to a good 7- 7 1/2 hours per night. I used to find it soooo difficult to fall asleep and hard to actually feel alive in the mornings (even if I'm awake and I know I can't go back to sleep.) These last 2 weeks I've had the best sleeps of my life, actually. I crawl in bed, maybe slip into Savasana for a few minutes and BANG I'm out. Then the morning roles around and BANG I'm up at 8:30 ready to role. It's amazing. I even read somewhere that after practicing Bikram you may even need less sleep because you are getting optimum rest when you do sleep and you are also dashed with a bonus dose of energy.

So, to conclude before I actually do pass out. My body, soul, spirit, everything seems to buzzing with this new energy and I'm so glad that I've had the opportunity to do yoga with some of my beautiful friends. I think I've start a long-term relationship with Bikram. Three cheers for sweating! (I'm weird, I know :D )


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