Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Years (Re)Solutions

I've just returned back to res and one thing I am most excited to leave behind in Kamloops is the TV. Not just the TV itself, which is sometimes great to lose yourself in 10 episodes of That 70's Show re-runs, but ever since December 31st rolled around, commercials were driving me insane. My family are big fans of the tube so it's always on and although the shows aren't terrible the advertisements are an entirely different story. You could not endure one commercial break without some hypnotist pledging to make you quit smoking, quit drinking and quit being fat. And, if you aren't quite prepared to have your mind manipulated by a man in a top hat, then you could find your resolution solution in a bottle of $100.00 pills that are guaranteed to make you lose weight fast or the various line products to help you kick the nic addic. Sure, I realize it's the prime time of the year for those in the self-"improvement" or self-"enhancing" industry to cash in big time, but let's be realistic here.
Of course, I too have some resolutions of my own but I'm going to exercise a free technique that doesn't come in a bottle that we, as humans, are given: will power. Yes, will power, the power to will oneself to stick with and accomplish a well-thought out goal. Or, as Oxford states, "a persons power to decide on something and take action." That's my strategy.
I don't mean to be bitter, in fact my approach to 2009 is quite the opposite. I feel optimistic and invigorated to implement my own list of mind, body, education and career goals just like the next. I also believe that you don't need one particular time of year to implement these goals; however, the turn of the new year is just so darn handy, the slate is wiped clean (per se) and it's a time for new beginnings.
Three cheers for will power, and if you get suckered into the blaring advertisements and buy into the plethora of products and they actually work for you (not just as a placebos) then all the fucking power to yeah!

Happy Oh-Nine!

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