Friday, January 30, 2009

this is just the beginning.

Here I sit,

In an alternate universe.

Yes that's what UVic is. As Jessica said at Caps moments ago, "This campus is unlike anywhere else, including any other campus. Look, there are two bunnies chasing each other over there."

This is what I see when I remove myself from the perplexing absurdities of this campus:

Imagine a world where there are as many bunnies as there are people. Yes bunnies, sure we're all used to it; but let's be serious, that's fucking strange. There are these adorable little creatures all so inbred that some are missing eyes, have the strangest colourings and we even saw an albino one last weekend. They hop around or race around after one another, I even stepped OVER one sprawled out (hindlegs behind him), gnawing on some grass outside Clearihue. Yep, that's some weird shit. I do love it when little kids come here on field trips to look at all the cute lil' bunnies all over the place, they laugh because they know how trippy that is.

Anyway, it's not just the different species of animal that resides here, it's the different breed of homo sapien. There is something about the vibe here that is sensical and non-sensical at the same time ALL the time.

What I mean is, that while most of us are here to get an education, or work (something that makes sense) the means by which people express themselves is most unordinary. You will find this one girl in Clearihue singing to herself in combat boots and a discman in her hand, and that's ok. You will see a man draped in green patchwork flinging joints at kids at 4:20 on Wednesdays, perfectly acceptable. You may spot a prof smoking up in the Mystic Veil on a jog, and hell, he probably teaches one wicked lecture. But it's not just the excess paraphenelia, or the fact that the window below mine is used as a 24 hr Narcotics Drive-Thru, there is something laid-back, spiritual and widely accepting about UVic too.

Maybe I just love university; but hell, who would not love to see people walking around in sandals in January or the unique style of the rolled up right pant leg because EVERYONE rides their bikes around here, and a lot of people forgot to untuck or unroll.
It's a beautiful thing to see people slacklining while walking between classes or hear a didg. or the many kids chillin' with acoustic guitars. Oh, and don't forget the jugglers, they put on quite a show too.

It's about having a good time. Always.

It's about long boards and long hair. Ska, indie, punk and human rights. It's about demonstrating and taking a stand. It's about the bibliocaf and shaking hands.

It's about dancing in the empty fountain and being human.

It's about not saying I'm sorry but rather opening your arms.

It's about learning what a pod is and then learning to accept that those once complete strangers would turn into some of your best friends.

Dancing in the streets chanting "we are your friends, and you'll never be alone again!!!"

Ukeles and Bob Dylan. ECS and a tall statue man who you only notice at night.

JC and Wilson. Oh, Wilson.

Coincidences, so many coincidences and weekend breakfasts.

It's about being super active and yoga yoga yoga.

It's about the rock and roll, a red octopus and VGs smoothies.

Dreadlocks, leather jackets and umbrellas.

It's about living, experiencing and being alive.

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