Sunday, January 18, 2009


these are some snapshots from my weekend (thurs-sun):

bruce springsteen from audrey's grandparents;
conversations with friends on a bus too crowded to see their faces;
chris and i not following through with plans;
meeting lauren;
emmy making everyone laugh;
left-over lasagna in my fridge;
audrey and emmy knocking on my door at 2:30am, "i went like this" (shimmy) "and he let me on the bar!" ;
playing blowin' in the wind;
emmy doing my hair, audrey my make up;
chris, travis, alex noticing;
the lady with a kid not caring that chris was peeing by the wal-mart;
phoning travis and convincing him to give the phone to alex, because we were lost;
vodka and cranberry;
electric feel;
an ultra-friendly welcoming from my dear friend travis;
lindsay, she doesn't like sex;
shot with alex;
half-frozen ice cubes;
julie bertrand's student card, and then introductions;
Mr. W;
trying to hold that cup in my hand;
popcorn and vomit (neither of which were mine);
hey hey my my;
bunk beds, diagonal "sleeping";
tossing turning tossing turning;
4:20 am, 5:30 am; 7:50 am;
loading a dishwasher, cold arms in the kitchen, duvet;
saying goodbye to alex and out the door;
hummer, fog, bus stop, top deck, swinging legs;
arriving on campus at 9:57 (3 minutes before breakfast opens);
same breakfast, same sides of the booth, aren't we adorable? ;
chris thinking someone moved his stuff in my room;
11:18 am;
text messages;
knocking on my door at 1:15ish, me swinging it open to see company (and attractive strangers i wasn't dressed for);
here's a student card, goodbye, but not goodnight anymore;
audrey's room;
bibliocafe with jess, jo, audrey, cl;
recognizing someone i would be introduced to later on that night;
special made iced coffee by the same girl who talked to me on the bus;
getting ready-esque and a shot of whisky with anna;
fairway market bathroom, cell phone at mac;
meeting zack and justin;
going over to the liquor store with zack, justin, shannon, anna;
seeing david becker in boston pizza;
drinking "white" and "red" in the school field by the tall tree;
orion's belt, a man across the field, fluffy hair, dancing;
walking back, hello james;
$5 for the show, screw cap wine being unscrewed;
marxism, ban capitalism, anarchy in victoria;
2 bands and back to fairway, tegan and sara on the PA;
dancing, moshing, laughing;
jetting back to the liquor store;
ally ways;
the wonderfull tree, anna on the ground, boston pizza;
talking to jake, obama tuesday! ;
buttercup, the car;
meeting more people, giselle was it? ;
back inside and more dancing x 2;
a girl saying "hey kayla!" i recognize her blonde hair but not her name;
no more wine left;
justin's brother;
my inadequate RLC education;
anna's escapade;
bus stop benches and meeting more new friends, nikki was it? ;
everyone is from kamloops or knows someone we know from kamloops;
dreadlocks from history class;
fun bus rides and promises to run into each other on friday;
more laughing, and off the bus we go;
stumbling, pictures, bunnies appearing;
up to anna's building, it was hot in there;
back to jc and audrey's room to see her, jo and andrew;
we laugh and i'm way "happier" then they are;
i call aaron he comes over too;
asleep (finally) on audrey's bed and she helps me back to my room;
then i go on fb, lamesauce;
asleep until 11:45;
breakfast with nice people (i had bacon too);
coffee before the mountain;
sunshine, shadows, blue skies, sequoias, bunnies, snapshots;
hiking, the shire;
breathtaking, ocean, trees, islands, mt. baker, beauty, clean air;
untangling a kite;
learning about archealogy, sort of;
a japanese family;
kids smoking weed;
couples holding hands, beards and photos;
back down the mountain;
two open house signs;
potato salad;
my guitar and 4 hours of classic rock songs;
feeling like i'm intruding, probably just really tired;
clean room, clear plans, excited for a clean/clear slate to start tomorrow;
shower, water, computer, blog;
here, now;

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