Sunday, April 12, 2009

20 20 20 4 HOURS AGO...

When I start to lose footing in the world I know it's time to visit my friends.
These friends are unlike the friends that you may have at school or on your soccer team. These friends have strange names. First names like Led, Explosions, My, Clash, Ramones, Sex?
These friends sometimes will scream at you until you feel something, cause you to take another drink because you know that they're at that level too or sometimes they just scoop you up and hold you like everyone wants to be held.
That's why I keep coming back to them.
Friends with last names like Used, Sunday, Against, T, Spill, Kids, Bowie....these friends read like a timeline.
These friends are the sponges that mop up my memories and preserve them until they're sqeeeeeezed and the vivid moments awaken my senses. (Just to be mopped up again as the song fades.)
I'm sober btw.
I'll admit, I wasn't earlier.
I haven't been truly sober in a long time.
That's a whole other story.
or is it?

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