Monday, June 29, 2009

It’s an early april morning as jack has his coffee with diane at their perfect kitchen table.
Jack loves his new suitcase because it’s brown leather and oh so stylish. Off to work! Jack is late but no one cares because he’s so darn charming!!
He’s the’s the.....SKY. MR BLUE SKY!!!he bursts into work chasing all the clouds out of the office...out of the station. The television station of course.
He looks at his co-host Miranda with her beautiful face and wonders if he will be off early enough to get some fish ‘n chips and feed the seal sardines.
Of course he will be...TIE STRAIGHTENED pant legs adjusted. Puff that chest boy!
NO Hawaiian shirts like mr. Wayne Cox...he ranks the weather by skies. By skies? “They’re infinite in our world!!” screams the old ladies.
Then the old ladies hop on their choppers and roll down to the station.
They burst through the door. Gunzz a blazin and aim...but don’t fire.
Jack gives him one of his smiles, his teeth sparkle...eyes twinkling. He walks up to them and puts a rose pedal in Ida’s hand.

(classic ELO “Mr Blue Sky” 5.5 min)

It’s now the future!!
They are actually speeding cars in the sky and you watch for them as they plummet onto the sidewalk squishing your dog!
Don’t worry about it though!!!The kids go to the bench in the courtyard to play cards and exchange friendly bottle caps with bumble bees in the lids.
The air sounds like kazzoooooos all singing at the same time from your little cousin to your great uncle ted...who doesn’t love a good kazoo?
Walking down the street you now step over toppled ice cream scoops and Addie’s missing earring. Ooops.
You plug all the parking metres with gold from that leprechaun last st. Paddy’s day in new York city.
Too bad he’s too short for you love!!
Green mountains and little sheep just dancing in claymation. So much clay-mation it makes everything feel...


(Lily Allen cover “Mr. Blue Sky” 3.5 minutes)

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