Sunday, June 28, 2009


I just stepped in a puddle of orange juice that was once the property of my vodka and is now being absorbed by my bedroom carpet.
Tonight is the night of May 15, 2009 and while Jenelle and I kicked off our music obsession with a Soundcity show the momentum is still strong five years later.
Two lines from the opening bands that I remember: “I need carbs” and “Dude, can i borrow a guitar pick.”
I love dad’s vest, i love hanging my head down girl and drinking...a lot.
Beer spilt on that vest and the floor but the mosh pit wiped it clean.
Then we went to Dan’s all fucking stoked on life where we burnt fucking chips which tasted like burnt fucking hotdogs.
Bad news bears.
Then erin drove us home.
I’m drunk on my fouton with jenelle on her couch that isn’t her couch any more.
I can’t get enough of that Hooligan sound.
We love the boys. The boys of the scuzzy drains of Kamloops punk scene.
We love the Captain’s and the vodka and the Caesar mix.
We especially love that mutual respect and how we feel at home in the darkest corners of the world rather than at some posh fucking elitist club with people who are practically well...BS>

Peace. Love. No more apologies.
That’s fucking annoying and so is my dying laptop.
Steady fast strong and badass...


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